Pahang, the largest state in Peninsular Malaysia, is endowed with a diverse range of attractions. Nearly two-thirds of the state is enveloped in verdant rainforest, making it a magnificent enclave of lush greenery, exotic wildlife and natural wonders.

Pahang offers the visitor an adventure with a different indeed. It has a couple of international holiday resorts that sit pretty on the hills enveloped by the world's oldest Tropical Rain Forest . The more adventurous would surely be spoilt for choice with activities ranging from bird watching to white water rafting and four-wheel drive adventure to big game fishing. Even the picturesque fishing villages dotting its coastline would invite the photographer in you to map for that perfect postcard pictures.

Ancient tropical rainforests dominate the state and culminate in Taman Negara, Malaysia 's largest National park. The five major hill resorts of Malaysia , Cameron Highlands , Genting Highlands , Fraser's Hill, Bukit Tinggi and Janda Baik are within the state and so is the Peninsula 's highest peak, Gunong Tahan, standing at 2,187 meters above sea level.

The country's premier national park, Taman Negara, as well as the Endau Rompin State Park, contain an astounding ecological diversity with a vast collection of flora and fauna. The Orang Asli, Malaysia's indigenous people, with their intriguing traditions and way of life, add colour to Pahang's heritage.
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