Selangor, the most developed state in Malaysia, Hailed as the gateway to Malaysia, the state is home to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), the country’s main entry point and Port Klang, the country’s largest port.It is also houses most institutions of higher learning in Malaysia, its infrastructure and communications facilities are among the best in the region, and so on. But Selangor is also one of the most fascinating and scenic destinations in Malaysia, providing visitors a delightful, never-ending discovery.

She's surrounds the capital city and is home to many city commuters who commute to neighboring Petaling Jaya or KL. Moving at a slower pace, it is also touched by a regal atmosphere as Selangor is home to the country's most influential sultan. His palace stands high on a hill in the state capital of Shah Alam, which overlooks his neat and carefully planned city. Until just 25 years ago, what is now the state capital was little more than a rubber and palm oil plantation. But in the late 70s, a massive building programmed spawned a well-developed infrastructure and a rapidly growing population.

Rich in history and culture, it is home to spiritual landmarks like the Batu Caves and our very own Blue Mosque. The Batu Caves are a focal point for Malaysia's millions of Hindus. A shrine, located in a huge cave 15 km north of KL, comes alive every January or February when up to a million devotees flock to the shrine for the exuberant and colorful holiday of Thaipusam.
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