From afar, the island looks like a massive boulder rock due to its barren rock face that lacks towering vegetation. Arriving at the then wooden boat jetty, it is not unusual to hear gasping oohs and aahs from the disembarking passengers. The water is amazingly clear at Pulau Rawa, and as expected, the powdery sands will not fail to impress.

Pulau Rawa is actually a private island. 

How exactly does that work is up to everyone's guess, but it is supposedly owned by the two siblings of a certain royal family. What I noticed is that there is no fisherman village on Pulau Rawa, which perhaps strengthen such claim that the island is indeed privately owned.

There is only one sandy beach on this small island. 

If you ever get the chance to hike the trail right behind Rawa Safaris Island Resort, you will stumble upon a stunning vista point that commands the view of the beautiful beach. From here, you can gaze to the opposite side of the island which is dotted by steep cliffs and boulder rocks.

Pulau Rawa hosts only two resorts, namely Rawa Safaris Island Resort as well as Le Club Rawa. 

These two resorts are supposedly owned by each of the two siblings and they are of contrasting conditions altogether, which in some ways do describe the antagonistic relationship between them. The former is fast becoming an international-class resort with appealing room selections and fashionable architecture, while the latter chooses to remain laid back in nature with minimal trappings for non-discerning guests.

In the recent days, the wooden boat jetty had since gone to make way for a bigger one. 

Perhaps the influx of holidaymakers in search for an exquisite recluse in Pulau Rawa has called for a new jetty. Pulau Rawa is a truly magical gem of an island and I could find no reason not to recommend it to those seek the ultimate island paradise.

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