Hiddenon the legendary foothills of Mount Santubong, Sarawak Cultural Village is 35km far from Kuching. Pertinently called a "living museum", this placeportrays the heritage of primary racial groups in Sarawak as well asexpediently depicts their relevant lifestyles between 14 acres of stifling greenery. 

In here, it is probable to notice Sarawak's ethnic diversity. Thehandicraft is tempting and mystifying counting in Kain Songket which is createdwith Malay cloth and gold inlay, Pua Kumbu which is the Iban housewivestextiles, Melanau Terendak which is their sunhat, Bidayuh tambok which is abasket, Ipan parang or swords, Orang Ulu or wood carving as well as Chineseceramic. 

The 45 minute cultural show of dances, song and entertainment isreally worthy to watch throughout your time in Sarawak. 

Majority ofindividuals will familiarize themselves with the village as it hosts RainforestWorld Music Festival during July or August though the village is open publiclyall year round. The village was established to demonstrate the lifestyle andtraditions of the entire ethnic groups in Sarawak. 

For RM30 for a child andRM60 for adult, you can spend the whole day here. The highlight of each visitis definitely the cultural show done twice daily at 11:30am and 4pm. These 45minute shows will welcome you to various dances and music carried out inconventional costumes and clothing. 

If you desire, you can remain overnightin the village as well. every house tenders genuine accommodation. There arevarious choices obtainable varying from dormitory cots to private rooms. Youcan check the park management to find out their availability and rates. 

Inseveral workshops, visitors are motivated to determine a number of traditions.You will surely take pleasure the blowpipe workshop and you will be surprisedas these types of skills may eventually be useful. 

There are workshops as wellfor conventional music and dances and fun games are tendered on an everyday basisto have that general overview of the traditions and culture in Sarawak. 

Ibanlonghouse has individual rooms situated side-by-side all through which open toan extensive communal hall utilized for leisurely activities such as basketweaving and wood carving. Guests are frequently invited to take part in thenightly ceremonies as well as drink potent rice wine or tuak that is made bythe Ibans.

Opening Hours

9.00a.m -5.00p.m

Admission Fees


RM 60.00(Adult)

RM 30.00(Child : 6-12 years old)

Free for Children aged under 6.

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Address Damai Beach Resort, 93762 Kuching, Malaysia
Contact +60 82-846 411
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Key Attractions

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