The goal of Semenggoh Wild Rehabilitation Center is reintroducing numerous animals to their natural habitat as numerous of them had been orphaned due to logging or illegal keeping as pets. 

There is additional thing to witness in the morning because young monkeys as well as Orangutans are returned to their cages during 3pm. The most excellent time to head to Semenggoh is throughout feeding time happening amidst 8:30 - 9am and 3 -3:30 pm. 

Semi-wild Orangutans are excellent timekeepers while feeding time comes they begin to show up. they go down from trees of the encompassing forest reserve to tender visitors with an extraordinary wildlife experience and a number of astounding photo chances. 

They frequently take effort to head to the lower branches as well as tiny trees which encompass the diverse Orangutan enclosures. These are the equal cages wherein they remain prior to being let out to the forest. in here, they play with one another, swinging about in hanging vines and descend occasionally to ground level to show themselves to tourists. 

Endangered Orangutans are the main ground that individuals go to Semenggoh Wildlife Centre even though rangers conduct their task with other species counting in hornbills and crocodiles. The center tenders an increasingly rare chance to see Orangutans in their natural habitat; numerous Orangutans in refuge are regarded semi-wild and rarely head back to this rehabilitation centre.


The meaning of Orangutan is "forest people" and it suits the primates' human-like personalities and superior intelligence. During 1996, a group of researchers have seen a pack of orangutans creating sophisticated tools to share in order to extract seeds from a fruit. 

These primates are native to Sumatra and Borneo are are regarded to be highly endangered. Of the approximated 61,000 orangutans present in the wild, a somewhat more than 54,000 reside in Borneo. Usually, female orangutans generate solely 1 offspring in 7 to 8 years which is the reason for the declining number. 

Seduku is the grandmother at this centre and was born during 1971 and has numerous offspring. Ritchie is the alpha male weighing more than 300 pounds. He was saved by a journalist. Majority of the orangutans here are named so the rangers can simply determine them in a glance. If available and time allowing, there are numerous beautiful gardens, an arboretum and nature walks throughout the path of the wildlife centre.

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