Skrang is an enthralling destination for travelers who desire to witness and experience living in longhouse which was before dwelling of notorious headhunters and pirates. The travel to Skrang is approximately 232 kilometres from Kuching and it takes around 5 hours by road as well as followed by an 11 1/2 hours of motor-propelled longboat adventure throughout Skrang River. 

Enjoy a night at the longhouse to familiarize with the customs and traditions of Dayak Ibans. The highlight of Skrang River Safari would be their nighttime entertainment by longhouse residents, showing conventional music and dances. Tuak is a specifically brewed rice wine that is served throughout the nighttime entertainment. 

On the following day, you will head through a jungle walk which is interesting as well. it is an enthralling experience to stroll down the dense tropical wherein the inviting views and sounds introduce you to a wonderful world of discovery. 

The Skrang River Safari is a must aspect in the itinerary of tourists going to the biggest Malaysian state. Sarawak is the most excellent destination to have a wildlife discovery and eco tour or simply a nature holiday. Natural treasures as well as the availability of extensive diversity of flora and fauna show the guests with a great chance to find out something that is extraordinary and exotic. As you go on any of Sarawak tours, it is recommended to try their longhouse experience to complete your vacation. 

When you visit Skrang, you can take the longhouse safari which starts with 4-wheel drive towards the banks of Skrang River Safari. From there, you can carry on your Skrang River Safari through a motorized longboat to the shallow Skrang River. It is definitely be among the most exciting adventures of your life and you cruise the gorgeous river. This will also bring you nearer to a succession of wooden Iban longhouses. 

This tour to the Skrang River will take you a day to complete but it is up to you to extend your vacation and witness the beauty of the river and take pleasure the memorable moment in the longhouse. 

Local residents perform and entertain visitors to give them a great experience of the tour. Together with these traditional dance shows, arrangements for meals are done also to provide you with a full experience of the Skrang River Safari.

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Address Kampung Pelasok, 95700 Sri Aman, Sarawak, 95700, Betong, Sarawak, Malaysia
Contact +60 82-246 575 
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