Bako National Park is 37kms from Kuching and you can get there by 30 minute drive to Kampung Bako then succeeded by a 25 minute boat ride. The consistent erosion for more than millions of years had converted Bako to a scenic coastline of sheer cliffs, rocky headlands and numerous stretches of sandy bays. 

The erosion done by consistent waves at the bottom of the cliffs had created and carved numerous rocks into the sea curves and sea stacks. 

Gorgeous sandstone formation highlighting pink as well as iron patterns on the cliff facades can be witnessed along majority of the coastline. Numerous individuals who have gone through the park have mentioned that Bako National Park appears to be a fauna and flora treasure chest. 

Naturalists will be enthralled to discover an extensive selection of vegetations counting in variations of wild orchids and pitcher plants. The variations of vegetation discovered in Borneo can as well be observed in mangrove forest of the Park, combined dipterocarp forest, kerangas forest and peat swamp forest. 

Trekking through any of the 16 well-sustained jungle trains is a great experience. In the Park, it is an unusual thing to witness hordes of long-tailed Macaques as well as silver-leaf monkeys together with mouse deers, wild boars, plantain squirrels and giant monitor lizards. 

The highly substantial animal here is the strange long-nosed proboscis monkey found solely in the island of Borneo.

Sarawak's most aged national park was built in 1957, encompasses an unassuming 27 sq. km and is around 37km from Kuching. It is recognized for its exceptional natural wild life, plants, habitats and scenery. Its highly important features are rugged rocky headlands and secluded coves with superb steep cliffs overlooking South China Sea. 

The wind, wave action and sea spray have as well shaped out the striking sea arches as well as sea stacks at the bottom of the cliffs, a number of them rear on top of the waves similar to a great serpent's head. At Bako it is almost probable that you will find the entire kinds of vegetations of Borneo. 

The best moments to see the wildlife at Bako is after dawn as well as just prior to dusk when animals are at their most active state. 

The adventurous and fit individuals can choose to have a whole day jungle trip or overnight camping tours while other can choose the soothing forest walk.

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EntryPermits & Fees: There is a nominal entry fee for all National Parks inSarawak. Check with the National Parks Booking Office in Kuching for the latestfee structure. A permit is required for professional photography or filming,which should be arranged in advance with the National Parks Booking Office.

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Address JI Tun Abang Haji Openg, Kuching, Malaysia
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