Kuching is Sarawak's capital city and the biggest state in Malaysia located on Borneo island. you will be astounded with the exquisiteness of the green surroundings in Kuching city. The individuals here are polite and friendly and will help tourists who require assistance. The tourist spots are situated close by and there is no necessity for riding a cab or bus to take pleasure the beauty of Kuching. 

Within the city, there is a river dividing the south and north known as Sarawak River. Boarding a sampan through the Sarawak River is surely a remarkable experience. one can have a spectacular sight of the Malay Kampungs from the river with dazzling mountainous setting. 

You can as well witness a far distant sight of the Chinese 19th century store houses, Malay mosque, enticing Margherita Fort and square tower. 

You will find old Chinese temples in Kuching, Brooke era establishments with exceptional architecture, museums, observation towers and waterfront park. There is an extensive selection of accommodations varying from budget hotels to luxurious 5-star hotels. Following a long day, feast on their local delicacies like Chinese noodles, Malay Nasi Lemak, chicken rice and seafood. 

The name of Kuching originated from numerous sources. In Malay language, it means "cat". A number of sources mention that Kuching started from the Chinese term "Gu Chin" meaning "well". Other sources mention that Kuching is tagged after the similar lychee fruit known as Mata Kuching or "cat's eye". 

Their vivid Sunday Market is where you will find household items, exotic jungle produce and souvenir items vended in different forms. The Market began in 1980 by Kuching Municipal Council to permit unlicensed hawkers to vend several consumable merchandises like jungle produces, flowers, clothing, meat and fish. 

This has become so well-known throughout the years that one seeks forward to experience it. 

Among the places of interest of Kuching is heading to one of the small number of ceramic factories simply outside the town. Sarawak is well-known for their unusually embellished earthenware vases of all forms and sizes. kuching pottery integrates the ancient Dayak styles with a combination of modern technique and color.

 Tiny vases with conventional designs create excellent souvenirs and are well-known with tourists who head to numerous handicraft stores or straightly avail them from factories. Pottery-making factories presently were a regular souvenir-finding area for Japanese as well as foreign visitors who go away with Sarawak pottery as a reminder of their enjoyable visit in Kuching.

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