The most extensive river in Sabah is Kinabatangan River and it measures 560 km. from the headwaters in the state's southwest and ends in the Sulu Sea, in east of Sandakan.
This location is popular for having the most wildlife conservation in the entire Island of Borneo and being the 3rd biggest Island in the entire world.

Sightings of extraordinary Proboscis Monkeys are typical in its rainforest during late afternoon. You may also see a wild orangutan, macaques, gibbons; leaf monkeys or the latest discovered Borneo Pygmy Elephants. Although the elephants and bigger animals arrive in herds frequently disperse to head through plantations invading many locations.

Bird lovers will discover bird watching to be astounding. The entire 8 of hornbill species in Borneo are observed on a regular basis. Occasionally, 2 species of the dazzling pitas can be seen and Storm's stork as well as the peculiar Oriental darter or the Snake Bird in a brief trek can be seen.

The lodge is situated out the typical tourist route and has been established applying a recycle wood as well as positioned out of tourist route to be able to take pleasure the encompassing nature as well as to lessen the influence.

Around 20 oxbow lakes structure portion of the lowest areas of the river. Made throughout time as well as divided from the primary river as deposits and erosion of soil altered the course of the river. The oxbow lakes are bliss for bird watchers.

Orang Sungei or River People reside in tiny settlements sprawling along the river. It is a great sight to witness their self-reliant, peaceful abodes that are completely operational, creating a living via fishing through the rivers and lakes and farming crops on the banks. They took advantage of the Kinabatangan forests as their source of medicine, firewood food and construction material.

Kinabatangan River tours are obtainable early in the morning and late in the afternoon and at times during nighttime if there are sufficient individuals to ride the boat. Familiarity and years of experience with the location assures that local boatmen and guides will work their most excellent to transport you to the appropriate locations for wildlife, every trip takes about 2 hours.

The best time to see hornbills and orangutan is right after sunrise. See wild bearded boar and monitor lizards which prefer to bask in the initial rays of the sun during morning.
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