Tanjung Aru Beach is among the well-known hangouts for individuals in Kota Kinabalu. Conventionally, people visit this place for food like tidbits, beer, coconut drink, satay and others though it has at present turned to be a larger place for family affairs; further facilities are included as well as eating places. There are cafes, seafood restaurant and fastfood joint and food court. In addition, you will find a tattoo parlour, reflexology centre and souvenir stalls.

The beach is not actually that spotless. Sad to mention that there is not much maintenance done. Though, KK City Hall attempt their most at sustaining the cleanliness and beauty of the beach but sad to mention that still there are irresponsible individuals who are littering. A signboard is located at the beach saying that you will pay RM 500 for littering. Apparently, no enforcement is happening.

Locals and tourists still arrive here for its beautiful sunset and cool breeze. This is not a perfect beach for sunbathing and you can carry that out on the close by islands. During nighttime, there are dancing and singing performances that are happening here.

Apart from taking pleasure an extensive even stretch of beach for jogging or walking, the sole other activity to take pleasure in Tanjung Aru is eating. Stingray, lobster, fish and a selection of shellfish are vended by weight as well as grilled to perfection or stir-fried. Majority of menus differ amidst each of the stalls. You can shop around to take benefit from the offered discounts by cutthroat competition. Varying on business, a number of food stalls remain available for socializing and drinking well past midnight.

In spite of the popularity of this place, the location has a shortage of accommodation choices. The most excellent choice for a guesthouse would be Borneo Beach House Backpackers and is the most excellent for tight budget. Situated on Kota Kinabalu main road simply prior to the final roundabout, this is just a block from the seaside. They have communal kitchen, free Wi-Fi and friendly staff to keep the area busy, have your reservations in advance.

Sunset is a completely different pale sand as cooling breeze shows, beach activities are abundant and individuals show up to get away from the day's heat and savor the cooler air and total magnificent sunsets.
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Port View Seafood Village
Port View Seafood Village
Open Hours11am-11pm daily
AddressLot 18, Ground Floor, Anjung Samudera (The Waterfront)
Tun Fuad Stephens Road
88000 Kota Kinabalu
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