The uppermost mountain located in South East Asia rising at a remarkable 4, 095.2 m is Mount Kinabalu. Typically, it takes climbers 2-3 days to reach the summit beginning from Kinabalu Park, which is some hours of drive coming from Kota Kinabalu.

You can take either of the 2 trails, the most typically took is Timpohon trail. The other one which is less preferred due to tougher trails is Mesilau but the sceneries are spectacular.

In spite of its dimension, Mt. Kinabalu is the simplest and friendliest mountain that you can climb in the world. There are thousands of climbers taking an adventure in this mountain annually. You do not require having special abilities or equipment but lots of determination, patience and stamina.

However, if you have more than enough budgets, it would be more assisting since you can hire porters to bring your bags. If required, you may even hire a team of porters to bring up to the mountains but that would take away the thrill of the adventure.

Considering having 4 days 3 nights stay in Mount Kinabalu is the perfect decision that you can do. You can get to take pleasure the very inviting mountain views and discover wildlife plus refuge in the natural pools.

There are adventure packages that are inclusive of visits to Lok Kawi Wildlife Park, Sapi Island, Poring Hot Springs and Kinabalu Park. You can take advantage of the guided natural treks heading to the astounding Kinabalu National Park vial its numerous trails. You can learn regarding numerous dissimilar kinds of trees, several hundreds of ferns and orchids species.

Following that, take a dip in Poring Hot Springs. You will find Japanese-designed open-air pools providing therapeutic sulfuric warm waters. Through a 20-minute ferry ride, you will reach Sapi Island where you can have the opportunity to see the Marine Park's astounding white sand beaches. Among the leisure activities there are scuba diving, snorkeling and the picnic that you can do for the day.

Tours usually end at Lok Kawi Wildlife Park wherein you will witness orangutans. Don't fail to see these animals and ensure that it is included in your package. You will get the chance to observe species endemic to the island of Borneo such as hornbills, tigers as well as Asian elephants. Usually the packages are inclusive of park entrance fee, English speaking guide, transfers and meals.
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