Sultan Abdul Samad Building is a distinctive landmark located in KL. Travelers should not miss this place as it has Moorish building design which was finished during 1897. In the past, it was the administered by British colonial government and presently accommodates Malaysia High and Supreme Courts. 

This is a highly photographed establishment in the city as it has a 41 metre clock tower which is lovingly named as "Big Ben". 

The building is topped with copper dome as well as bordered on the sides with two domed towers. 

Throughout the state junctures, coloured lights sparkle in arches to have a feel and outlook of Arabian Nights' tale. During nighttime, the building appears similarly like Las Vegas strip having vivid lights operating up and down and throughout the wall of the entire building. This is an astounding capture comment for those who are visiting the site. 

The building design was embarked on by A.C. Norman who is a British architect. During that period, he is an employee of Public Works Department. 

In designing the site, he considered a number of features in numerous buildings found in the Islamic nations. The principally Moorish look rightfully reflects Malaysia's cultural background. 

The location of the building was cautiously selected and expediently situated at the hub of the former mining town of KL. Merdeka Square is situated in front of this building. Union Jack flag previously was lowered here and Malayan flag lifted for the initial moment during midnight of August 31, 1957. 

Throughout its times, Sultan Adbul Samad Building is indeed the biggest and is made completely of brick. Its formation began during 1894 and it utilized approximately 4 million bricks, 18,000 pikuls of lime, 2,500 barrels of cement, 50 tons of iron and steel, 30,000 cubic ft. of timber and 5,000 lbs of copper. The building was finished in 1897 with an enormous value of 152,000 Straits Dollars. 

This building's facade is 137.2 metres in length together with an authoritative porch in its centre.

During 1971, KL experienced serious flooding following a heavy downpour. Due to this some parts of the building were damaged. In 1978, there was an immense renovation that happened. It took 6 years for the renovation to conclude and it cost them RM 17.2 million. A faire also damaged a portion of the building

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