Merdeka Square is also known as Dataran Merdeka or Independence Square. This is located in the city hub. It is near Gombak river, China Town, Central Market and Masjid Jamek. This site is the core of Kuala Lumpur's history. In here, you will discover buildings such as National History museum and Royal Selangor Club and Sultan Abdul Samad Building. 

A number of the establishments are interspersed with Moorish flair. You will see a 100 metre-high flagpole marking the area where the flag of Malayan was hoisted during Aug. 31, 1957. This event signified the nation's independence from British governance. 

The square stands on the huge grass field known as the Padang and surrounding the field are the most attention-grabbing establishments. 

Padang originally was a cricket field. During 1892, the Selangor Club had 140 members involving those who were not present from Selangor. Prior to the formation of the club all have seen one another at Maynards which was the sole European store in KL. 

Theoretically, Maynards was a pharmacy though it also offered liquor and an extensive variety of merchandises. Ladies shopped there in the opportunity to meet with their companions and staying to have a good talk. Selangor Club has arrived to a necessity for having a social centre. Originally, it was lodged in a small plan building with atap roofing and this served as the cricket and social club. 

Merdeka Square is as well a well-known setting for diverse events - starting or finishing point for marathons, carnivals, open air concerts and others. Occasionally, this is converted to a battle field for cricket competitions similarly to what it was throughout the colonial period. 

As a reminder of the nation's independence, they have placed a 100 metre lofty flagpole that is presently the tallest in the world. Merdeka Day Parade is usually held here on the 31st of August. 

Plaza Putra is situated underneath underneath the square. 

This is an underground entertainment, leisure and food complex. Sad to mention that Plaza Putra experienced immense flooding following a serious downpour just this recent and remained closed to the public. The one that is still open is their underground parking bay. 

National History Museum is located at the flagpole's left side. Formerly, it is a commercial bank that dates back to 1910. The museum was initially opened during 1966 and permits visitors to immense themselves in the historical heritage of Malaysia

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