Sri Maha Mariamman Temple is a very stunning site particularly due to its contrasting setting in Chinatown. This place has intriguing designs as well as ornamental statuettes of Hindu deities, hand painted motifs explaining accounts from early Hinduism, precious stones and gold embellishments. 

As you stroll down the Petaling Street, you will find this temple located at Jalan Tus H.S. Lee. Such place is among the highly elaborate and ornate Hindu temple that you will discover in Malaysia. Exquisite Spanish and Italian tiles supply additional ornamentation. 

This temple is instituted by Thambusamy Pillai during 1873. 

Pillai family used this as their private shrine and in the 1920s they opened the temple door publicly. Eventually, the temple's management was handed over to the board of trustees. 

This oldest operating Indian Temple is reputed as well for being the best-off in Malaysia. Originally, the temple is located close to KL Railway Station. During 1885, it changed its current location all along the Jalan Tus H.S. Lee beside KL's Chinatown. 

The original atap structure was destroyed in 1887 and a brick establishment was establishment in its area. Those aforementioned structures were destroyed to allow the erection of the present temple buildings and were finished in 1968. The striking Temple gateway (gopuram) was finished in 1972. The latest Temple was sanctified in 1973. 

At the back is the garbagraham corresponding to the head. This is a self-supporting structure having its own walls and roof and has a single entrance facing east. Such is the inner sanctum wherein the head deity Sri Mara Mariamman was set up. the priest situates in front of garbagraham when carrying out the puja (prayers). 

Ganesh is located in the left of the shrine and Subramaniam his brother located on the right. You will also locate the Ganesh at the entrance as he serves as the obstacles' remover. The 8 female statuettes within the Temple are from Lakshmi which is the Goddess of Wealth. The Temple is where you will find the Silver Chariot carrying the figure of Lord Murugan and starts its journey at midnight yearly to Batu Caves. 

Mariamman is the manifestation of goddess Parwatee an embodiment of Mother Earth with her entire frightening force. Mariamman is prevalently worshipped by Indians abroad particularly Tamils since she is admired as their protector throughout their sojourn to foreign grounds. She is related to fever and disease and protects devotees from demonic or unholy circumstances

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Address Jalan Tun H. S. Lee (Jalan Bandar), Kuala Lumpur, 50050, Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur, 53100
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