Kota Bharu (also Kota Bahru or Kota Baru) is the state capital of Kelantan, on the east coast of peninsular Malaysia. There is little of interest in the town itself; most travellers simply pass through on their way to the Perhentian Islands.

Kota Bharu is a very socially conservative city in a state ruled by the Islamic Party of Malaysia (PAS).

 Be respectful of the cultural and religious sensibilities of its primarily Muslim inhabitants. 

There is no need for non-Muslim women to wear a tudung (kerchief over the hair), but both men and women should consider wearing clothing which covers their legs and torso completely, and if you are a woman, also consider covering your arms. Tourists dressed in shorts and skimpy shirts seem out of place on the East Coast of Malaysia. Also, be prepared for breaks to be taken in many places, including the Pasar Malam (Night Market) during Islamic prayer times.

Kota Bharu itself offers many museums near Independence Square (Padang Merdeka). The most amazing building however is the central market. It is an octagonal building in the centre of town and houses a very colourful and active market every day. 

Nearby is a plain square which turns into the local food market in the evenings.

Great temples to visits in the nearby Kota Bharu Town: Wat Pothivihan (huge reclining Buddha), Wat Mai Suwan Khiri (dragon Boat & standing Buddha), Wat Machimarran Varran (sitting Buddha), and Wat Serova Buddhist Temples (Goddess of Mercy - Kuan Yin).

* Cultural Show at Culture Centre 3 times a week @Saturday 3.00pm-4.45pm & 8.00pm-11.30pm, @Monday 3.00pm-4.45pm, @Wednesday 3.00pm-4.45pm & 8.80-12.00pm. 

* River cruise along Sungai Galas down to Dabong (2hours). 

* Caves Explorer at Gua Ikan,Dabong. 

* Stong Waterfall,reputed to be the highest in Southeast Asia, drops from a height of about 990 metres. 

* Mount Stong State Park,One of the main attractions at the state park is Gunung Stong@Mt.Stong (1,422 meters), a dome-shaped granite complex more than 500 million years old. 

* Nenggiri Rafting Adventure -The selected leg of the journey covers approximatedly about 50 km, departing from Kuala Betis / Gua Cha and ends up at Kampung Star.

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Ayam Percik
Food Rating:   5 Star

Nasi Kelabu Kelantan
Food Rating:   5 Star

Nasi Dagang
Food Rating:   5 Star
Ayam Percik
Yati Ayam Percik @ Jalan Long Yunus
Open HoursSaturday-Thursday (noon-11.30pm); Friday (3pm-11.30pm)
Address847, Jalan Long Yunus, Kota Baharu
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Food Rating5 Star
Price3 Star
Enviroment3 Star